Professional LCD TV, LED TV and Plasma TV Buying Guide - Reviews by the Audio Visual professionals!

LCD TV, LED TV and Plasma TV Buying Guide Publication

Anyone interested in purchasing an LCD TV, LED TV or Plasma TV should read 'The Audio Visual Essentials Guide'. This book has over 30 pages of essential audio visual facts:
  • Discover how HDTV is broadcasted and how you can receive HDTV in your home
  • Discover the technical differences between LCD TV's, LED TV's and Plasma TV's. Why buy one over the other?
  • What is full high definition, high definition and standard definition?
  • What is resolution and how is it important when deciding what to purchase?
  • Aspect ratio explained, and how does it affect picture quality
  • Video Connections: Composite, Component, S-Video, DVI, HDMI digital or analog. What are they, how do they affect performance and what should you be looking for when purchasing an audio visual device? Don't waste your money by buying a TV and getting a terrible picture because you connected it incorrectly!
  • Learn about Foxtel. Is its picture quality good? What does Foxtel offer over free to air TV? What does free to air TV offer over Foxtel?
  • Analog tuners, what are they and how do they differ to a STB?
  • Discover where the STB sits, why sometimes it is needed and what it actually does
The Audio Visual Essentials Guide is a must for those wishing to discover the technology, but yet technical enough for those who wish to expand on what they already know. In the LCD TV, LED TV and Plasma TV Review guide, our professional audio and visual reviewers use the theory to put LCD, LED and plasma displays to the test. In all, there is over 80 full colour pages of detailed information exist in the 3 different guides - A must read for anyone who is serious about purchasing an LCD or Plasma TV!

The LCD and Plasma TV Buying Guide has been reviewed and officially approved by the following manufacturers of LCD and Plasma TV's:
  • LG Australia
  • NEC Australia
  • Panasonic Australia
  • Fujitsu Australia
  • Pioneer Australia
  • Sharp Australia
  • Acer Australia

We've sold 1000's of these guides to readers keen for more information on the technology. 1000's cant be wrong!

Sounds Interesting? A highly recommended read

The Complete Package - What is on offer

The Buying Guide comes in the following packages:
  • The Audio Visual Essentials Guide. This is a 30 page digital booklet detailing the theory of Audio Visual technology, including Audio, Video, A/V transmission, plasma and LCD technology. This is a must read before you purchase an LCD, LED or Plasma TV. Value $9.95
  • Digital Video Essentials. An optional extra Blu-ray Format 1080p disk. A full description of this Blu-Ray 1080p disk is at the bottom of this page. Value $19.95

The benefits of reading the LCD and Plasma TV Buying Guide

Australians, Americans, British and New Zealanders can all benefit from this publication. The plasma display models are very very similar in all countries!

This buying guide is packed with information that cannot be found anyhwere on the internet.

If you are considering to purchase an LCD TV, LED TV or a Plasma TV, you really need to read this Buying Guide digital book. It is absolutely packed with information everybody should know _before_ purchasing a TV. A small snapshot of what you will gain:
  • Potentially save 1000's of dollars by making an informed purchase choice. The Buying Guide will teach you more about each technology than retail shops would like you to know.
  • Learn about the difference between a standard definition (SD) plasma or high definition (HD) plasma and the latest term on the block "FULL HD". Should you purchase a SD, HD or Full HD plasma/LCD/LED?
  • LCD, LED or Plasma TV? The guide has the latest detail on these competing technologies and makes recommendations on which to purchase

Learn more about plasma and LCD, LED TV's than most in store sales people! We will make a professional out of you!

Quick Case Study. Review the photos below. As you will notice, each TV has its unique characteristics including skin tone, colour reproduction and picture quality in dark and light scenes (and scenes that have some of both at once).

Photo from TV model XXXX - skin tone
Photo from TV model XXXX - skin tone
Photo from TV model XXXX - skin tone
Photo from TV model XXXX - skin tone
Do you know which TV display did which? Which is better? Which is dark? Which is too light? Which is too red or orange? Not all TV's are the same. The Audio Visual Essentials guide is only $9.95! This is not a subscription fee, IT IS A BOOK! The digital book is packed with photos and information. It will make a professional out of you!

We are confident that after reading this Guide, you will be ready to make an informed decision on your LCD TV, LED TV or Plasma TV purcahse. You will know what to look for and what not to look for. Don't spend thousands of dollars on the basis of some potentially ill informed sales representative who is usually only interested in moving boxes! Much of the detail in this guide cannot be found on the interent. Furthermore, infomation that is found over the internet is dispersed, unreliable and sometimes written to help push a hidden sales agenda.

Customer Feedback

We have sold over 1000 copies of the Audio Video Essentials Guide. Yes, over 1000. We have had 2 complaints. This is a fantastic record of one complaint every 500 buyers. From these figures, we are very confident you will not be dissapionted.

Customer Feedback, from the horses mouth, unsolicited

  Thanks for your imformation i've looked at the Buying Guide at am quite
impressed, it very comprehensive am gives a good coverage......
.....i take note it is important to have good cabling and
Douglas (of Lockleys, S.A)

BG Response: Do you think the guide was worth the $9.95? (yes this part is solicited feedback, hey we could not resist :)?
      "I think the $9.95 is good value for the report, 
                                          Douglas G. (of Lockleys, S.A)

I found the guide to be very informative.
I am a reasonably technincal person and the guide informed me a few things I wasunaware of.
The asking price for all the good information it contained was not too expensive.
Tony (of Manly Vale)

It certainly was worth the investment. I bought the guide and DVD (DVE).

The Guide
I am looking at HD plasma right now
....... The technical stuff at the front
of the guide is a good read. Not many people would know Aus and the USA
have different definitions for HD and SD.

It got very technical regarding the TV/monitor adjustments. I did the
basic brightness/contrast/sharpness etc on my 68cm Sony during the show.
Very interesting. Can't wait to apply it to my plasma.

I have a Denon receiver and high end Denon player with 5.1 Klipsch
reference speakers. I ran the 5.1 audio tests through the speakers.
(Pink noise and 50Hz to 300Hz tests). The sub-woofer did not produce any
sound when the BluRay sent audio to the sub on the LFE (Low freq effects)
channel. It did come on during normal Dolby Digital effects. Have you
got any idea why the LFE channel would not drive the Sub. The Denon unit
comes with inbuilt audio tests and a microphone to auto adjust the
speaker levels and it drives the sub ok.
[name withheld] (of Kilsyth, Vic)

I think that the guide is informative and worth the $9.95 investment.
I feel that it was very smart that you took AMEX as a paynment method for me to
buy it in the bginning - if not, I wouldn't have bought it. Well Done.
I also bought the DVE for my upcoming Home Theatre installation - that was good
I am 1/4 way through the buying guide - it is a lot to digest.

Stephen (of Liverpool St, Syd)

The dvd has changed my overview of setting up tv's, it's fantastic.

Sam (Of Concord, NSW)

Thanks for the Plasma TV Buying Guide. I read it last night and I think
it has certainly helped me narrow down my options. The background data
that it provided will be very useful when making my final choice. It has
also changed my opinion (in a positive way) on the merits of having a
Digital STB.
Cheers and a congratulations again on a great publication.
Kerry L.
BG Reponse: Thank you for your feedback. We would also like to add that recording Digital TV onto DVD from an inbuilt STB in a plasma could be an issue. The recording quality is restricted to the quality of the video output capabilities of the TV!
Dear Buying Guide Team,

I am in the market for HD TV and have been finding the guide very
useful, many thanks...



I bought your LCD Plasma Buying Guide a couple
of Months ago i found it quite illuminating and
has recommended to all of my friends.


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In stock now!

GET A FREE 1m premium quality S-VIDEO CABLE! Cable valued at $25.95. Use this to connect your VHS player to your plasma or LCD TV if your VHS player does not have component output!
(If you are unsure what an S-Video cable is, then you probably need to purchase the Buying Guide ASAP!)

More about Digital Video Essentials DVD (DVE) for Blu-Ray High Definition players

The Blu-ray Disc (BD)

This is a Blu-ray Disc movie and is not compatible for play in a normal DVD player.

Shoppers, this is a great BD and you should seriously consider it. It is packed with educational material about todays modern TVs, projectors and audio systems.

Did you know that your HDTV may have a greater potential than what you are seeing now? Did you know that manufacturers adjust their sets to get you attention when you buy the set?

Usually that setting won't get you the best picture once you have the new set at home. With this easy-to-use program you have the opportunity to re-adjust the set allowing it to provide a much better looking picture. Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics provides simple setup instructions for new HDTV's. The program also provides additional background information on the HD system itself. It will give you an idea of the quality level you should expect from the HD programs current available to consumers.

Also included in this program are commentaries by world renowned cinematographer Allen Daviau known for his work in E.T., The Color Purple, Empire of the Sun and Van Helsing among others, as well as commentary by Joe Kane which will help you learn to identify quality High Definition video. The program is set up so you can pick and choose the subjects you'd like to see.
The narration and animations make this quite a user-friendly calibration device for even a novice user. Packed with technical information, DVE will benefit newbies and videophiles. Newbies will discover many things about the audio visual world, including how to calibrate their digital TV, how to setup their home theatre system and test it is working correctly. Videophiles can benefit from the detailed theatre layout diagrams available on DVE and possibly be inspired with new speaker placement ideas.

DVE comes with a large array digital test patterns, with detailed information on how to use them to improve your picture quality.

It is extremely beneficial to view Digital Video Essentials **BEFORE** you purchase a digital plasma TV, LCD TV or home theatre audio system. You will learn a great deal, which you can take with you when making your home theatre purchase decision.

Serious about home theater? Then you really need this calibration software playable on your Blu-Ray player!
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Enhanced
Transfer Format:1080p HD Widescreen
Format: Blu-ray

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